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Team Tuesday (26/10/10)

It’s almost scarily quiet in the Bern office today and the sound of my keyboard echoes through the halls … I better start typing much quieter to not disturb the silence!

Back in the land of chocolate and cheese, Matt is working from home today – probably trying to get around Team Tuesday. You can run, but you can’t hide! So, Katherine, Zahid and I wore our Matt masks today and thus had him in the office thrice (plus a four-legged version of him) - you like?


the Matt mask


Off to a louder place, Gaby is enjoying la dolce vita on her well-earned holiday in Bella Italia – enjoy the warm weather for us as Switzerland seems to be close to freezing at the moment. And winter is only yet to come …
Well, guess who’s on business trip in the United States? Fran had to get her feet on native ground again to get back in touch with her American roots …
Last Thursday, along with other Global Changemakers from the UK, Zahid went to a networking reception with a TN2020 group – another British Council project. Transatlantic Network 2020 is a network of outstanding young professionals from North America and Europe, drawn mostly from the 25 to 35 age range. And as GCMs and TN2020s have lots in common, some positive relationships were built at the event.
So, for today, the three of us are trying to keep up with the preparation work leading in the run-up to the summit - less than four weeks now until it starts! We had a heated discussion about shirt and print colours – and you’ll have to wear our decision at the summit. wink

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