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The Adobe Youth Voices program empowers youth in underserved communities around the globe to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action. In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, TakingITGlobal is delivering this innovative program for youth to engage in hands on media production and share their perspectives on the social issues that affect them.

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AYV Film Camp - Day 5 - Screening and Festival!

The week has flown by and we can’t believe it’s already screening day! Everyone involved in the camp was fully charged for this day including campers, mentors, tech admins and NFB staff.

The groups managed to submit their final films half way through Friday. Huge thanks go to Dan from NFB for making sure all the films were working properly without any glitch! The Youth then spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for their presentations through a very interactive workshop with Tracey Erin Smith who made sure that the youth got over their stage fright and engaged their creative minds in talking about their ideas, process, and final productions.


The AYV team managed to also throw one last curve ball before the final screening when they asked the different groups to design posters for their films in one hour!  Using Photoshop Elements, the groups managed to create professional looking posters that had the TIG team amazed at the raw talent we had in our hands!
At 5:00 pm, our campers were joined by Sprout Ideas campers at OCAD University for a reception with their parents and their guests where they had the opportunity to informally discuss their process and experience in the camp.

At 6:30 pm everyone headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario where the screening took place. The festival was attended not only by the campers and their families, but it also included guests from TIG, TDSB, NFB, and OCAD University. The kids were looking all smart and they took to the stage in groups with their mentors to present their films, screen it, and answer the audience questions. Everyone was impressed by the quality of the films that the kids managed to produce in a matter of a week.

photo4 photo5 

The four films: I Aspire, Wake UP, Creativity, and Urban Animal will be posted on our TakingITGlobal Youtube channel as well as behind the scenes video that was shot by the amazing Lawrence Lin so that  all of you get to visually experience the ride we had this week!

photo5 photo7 photo1 photo3

We couldn’t be prouder of our campers! And we couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and support we got from Adobe, NFB, TDSB, TIG, and our media mentors! This camp wouldn’t have been a success without everyone contributing to it.



Check our twitter and facebook page in the upcoming days to get to see the amazing short films that were produced in this camp

*Spoiler alert – There are many cameo appearances by a number of our AYV team members and TIG members 

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AYV Film Camp - Day 4 - Post Production

If we would name day 4 of our film camp, we would name it Editing Day! As the Raw footage were uploaded to the groups' stations, the youth started diving into their projects with their eyes glued to their screens looking for the perfect shots to include in their films. 

The day started with an editing workshop ran by the NFB experts, followed by a talk and a live demonstration of Adobe Premiere Elements by one of our guest speakers (Jonathan Amar). 


Inspired by these talks, the youth jumped into their projects as they started editing their films, exploring different music on Audio Jungle, and recording narratives to add onto thier final edits. It was great seeing the different youth taking on different roles as they were racing against time to finish finalizing the editing process for the big unvieling and screening the following day. 

IMG_1506 IMG_1495 photo11

Huge thanks is due to the media mentors and to our guest speaker for being around the whole day, giving tips and helping the different groups perfect their editing process. 

Stay tuned for our last blog where we unveil the names of the four productions and the amazing posters that the youth designed for their films - in one hour!

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AYV Film Camp - Day 3 - Production

We are exhausted! but more so, we are thrilled as we witnessed the youth take on the streets and locations in Toronto to film their ideas and bring them to life!

The third day started with a production workshop run by the NFB experts where the youth learned more about the importance of light, voice, and camera  movements. They then chose the equipments they needed for their films with the help and support of their media mentors and headed out to the different locations to start shooting their films.



The youth's faces were full of excitement as they experienced shooting with professional equipment for the first time! With the help and support of their media mentors, they were able to explore creative way of achieving the best shot for their films. We saw them using  tissues and white paper to white-balance, cardboards to reflect light, and skateboards to get the effect of a tracking shot. Some groups went on to film outside in the parks or streets, others chose to shoot in different spaces within the TIG offices and NFB spaces. We saw locations turn into bedrooms, classrooms, and many other scenes that were incorportated into the productions.
IMG_1467 IMG_3252



By the end of the day, the youth were tired but buzzing with ideas for the shots, music, and narrations that will be added on as they start editing tomorrow.With all the hard work, creativity, and amazing spirits we saw today, we are pretty sure we are working with future Emmy winners! and we have the picture to prove it!


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AYV Film Camp - Day 2 - Pre-Production

It's our second day here at the film camp and the atmosphere was all excitement! The youth spent the day developing their ideas into concrete concepts which involved a lot of brainstorming, sketching, and diagraming.


They learned more about storyboarding and shot planning through workshops that were presented by the NFB - (The National Film Board of Canada ). These workshop helped guide them into developing their own storyboards for their films and started a lot of discussions about the locations, scenes, props, characters, and shot types that they will use in their production. 
They also had an opportunity to test some of the equipments that they will use for filming, with the help of their media mentors and the NFB staff. 




Each group have assigned roles, and tomorrow these roles will come to life as we see young directors, cinematographers, storytellers, and actors take on the challenge of bringing their ideas to life and shooting their films in one day! 


Stay tuned to know more about our exciting days ahead and send a cheer for all our amazing film campers, media mentors, and NFB experts who have been working hard to make this experience a great one! 

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AYV Film Camp - Day 1 - Orientation

The AYV team at TakingITGlobal is running their first Adobe Film Camp this July in Toronto with 18 young people aged 13 - 19 working together on developing their creative confidence and creating short films. Today marked the first day of the camp that will run for the duration of this week and the energy was high as young people were introduced to the program, their mentors, the AYV team and each other.




The day started with some games to break the ice with the participants which was followed by project pitch sessions to decide on the ideas they want to focus on for the duration of the week. The different groups went on to experiment with digital story telling using mobile apps to produce short clips that communicated issues that matter to them.

They got a chance to screen their digital stories and talk about them among each other as they started getting inspired by the ideas and skills shared. 



It was an exciting first day and the AYV team is looking forward to the week ahead! Stay posted as we blog everyday from the camp to keep you updated with everything that is going on.


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