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The Adobe Youth Voices program empowers youth in underserved communities around the globe to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action. In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, TakingITGlobal is delivering this innovative program for youth to engage in hands on media production and share their perspectives on the social issues that affect them.

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AYV Exhibitions - Christmas in Peru

This week’s blog features an AYV exhibitions from one of our partners in Peru.

Blue Sparrow in Peru did a great job hosting the exhibition in one of the prominent malls in their community right before Christmas time. This generated a high volume of traffic estimated at around 1500!

With a ‘Global-Peruvian Christmas’ as a theme, the exhibition included posters and Christmas postcards highlighting Peruvian cultural themes and demonstrating the technical skills the youth developed during the course of the program.  The youth were really excited and took a central role in presenting the work to the general public and explaining the ideas behind their work. It was a great opportunity for them to build their self-esteem and to encourage other young people to join the program.


We are really proud of our partners and youth that are actively using digital tools and media to spread joy and raise awareness of  in their communities. 

Special thanks go to the educators 

Matthew Jeppesen and Serei Thickson from Blue Blue Sparrow




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AYV Exhibitions in Macedonia

We are very excited here at AYV as we are starting to receive Exhibition reports from our various partners!

Kiril i Metodij School and Krume Volnaroski School, two of our partners in Macedonia have been putting a lot of hard work in running the AYV program and it seems from their exhibitions that their hard work has been fruitful.

Kiril I Metodij School exhibited their youth’s work on 30th of December 2013






while Krume Volnaroski School held theirs on 3rd of February 2014.




Both schools used their school hall as an exhibition space and involved their youth in the arrangement of the exhibition (the youth decorates the space, took photos, and gave a speech).

Additionally Both exhibitions included posters, photos, short movies and animations that were the products of running the program and were attended by 40 or more people including the youth, their teachers, parents, the school’s principle, and local representatives. It was a great opportunity to engage the youth further in the program and the event received positive reactions from the audience, and offered the opportunity for future collaboration possibilities with present representatives.

The pictures above can give all of us an idea of how the exhibitions went and from the look of it they look like they were a great success.

Thanks are due to our educators at both of these sites

Darko Taleski and Irena Trajkoska from Kiril i Metodij School.

Sofija Grabuloska and Cvetanka Kuzmanoska-Ripiloska from Krume Volnaroski School.


Looking forward to seeing the final outputs! 

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Storyboard workshop with Volunteer Toronto

Earlier this month, the AYV team had the opportunity to work with: Volunteer Toronto; one of our partner organizations here in Toronto.

We facilitated a workshop on Story Boarding where the youth learned more about the purpose of story boards, the elements of story boards, and how to go about creating their own boards for their short films.

20 young people took part in the workshop and worked in two groups to narrow their ideas for their short films and brainstorm on the message, characters, scenes, and visual clues of their story boards.

Both groups had a chance to present their amazing ideas and get feedback from their peers as well as their educators and the AYV team. The whole workshop was interactive, engaging, and very informative for both the youth and the adults. By the end of the day, everyone left with their head full of ideas. Especially US!

It is always great for our team to be on the ground and have an opportunity to interact with the youth and see first-hand the benefits of running the AYV program. Everyone had amazing insights and ideas that with further development would result in great short films!

We are sure this applies to all the youth in all of our partner organizations and we look forward to seeing the final products of everyone by the end of next month!



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Raffi Concert

We were invited to showcase an exhibition of Adobe Youth Voices print media at the Raffi cocert in Toronto on February 1st, 2014. TakingITGlobal hosted a booth featuring Explore 150 as well as 15 Adobe Youth Voices prints. Everyone who attended the concert was excited to be there and we received much positive feedback about our exhibition. 

Raffi AYV 1

Raffi AYV 3

It was exciting to be part of an event that invited people of many generations to come together to enjoy Raffi's music and think about how we can make the world a better place for children worldwide. Many of the pieces in the exhibit resonated with this theme and the TIG team enjoyed meeting people of all ages and discussing with them the range of issues featured in the artwork.

Raffi AYV 4

Thank you Raffi for giving us the opportunity to share youth voices at your show! 

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Engineers Without Borders Rethink Conference

On January 10th - 12th, 2014 TakingITGlobal had the opportunity to exhibit the amazing Adobe Youth Voices art work at Engineers Without Borders National Conference in Toronto, Canada. The conference gathered International Development Specialists together to rethink leadership, entrepreneurship, and partnership for global development. 



This event provided us the opportunity to highlight some of the key issues that our youth face and bring them to the forefront of important discussions that are taking place in the international development framework.

IMG_6817 IMG_6818

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Engineers Without Borders for the opportunity to showcase the Adobe Youth Voices Artwork created by youth all around the world! 

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