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The Adobe Youth Voices program empowers youth in underserved communities around the globe to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action. In collaboration with Adobe Youth Voices, TakingITGlobal is delivering this innovative program for youth to engage in hands on media production and share their perspectives on the social issues that affect them.

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Art Fusion 2013

On Saturday May 4th, our Adobe Youth Voices team had the opportunity to exhibit some of the media pieces at the Art Fusion Festival in Toronto. Art Fusion is an annual, non-profit community arts event held at Toronto Mel Lastman Square, attracting nearly 3,000 visitors. The event provides an open space for artists of all types to come together and showcase their talents.


Art Fusion provided our team with the unique opportunity for young artists in our Adobe Youth Voices Program to exhibit their talent and creativity to a large Torontonian audience. On this beautiful sunny day, TakingITGlobal was able to deliver an outdoor exhibit, featuring some of the many brilliant final projects created by our youth participants. We had an array of photographs and graphic designs created by youth from South Africa, Uruguay, Egypt, India, Bonaire, and many more.

IMG_1801 IMG_1828 IMG_1776

In addition to the media pieces created by our youth artists, we had a special contribution made to our exhibit by the Executive Director of TakingITGlobal, Jennifer Corriero. Jennifer did a live painting during the second portion of the event. The art piece is called "Fragmented Action" and was a contribution to her existing poem and collection of paintings titled "How Does Change Happen?". 


The turnout at Art Fusion was outstanding – people of all ages were amazed by the work that our youth participants have created throughout their time in Adobe Youth Voices. In some instances, individuals expressed their curiosity about the media pieces, asking questions about what inspired the youth to create the projects they did. One gentleman stated that he was “very impressed that young people are taking the time to raise awareness about issues they are most passionate about and very relevant amongst all societies”, referencing the HIV Campaign poster created by a participant in Uruguay.

The media projects covered various issues ranging from HIV Awareness, animal abuse, heritage and culture, woman’s rights, and bullying just to name a few. People also had the opportunity to learn more about TakingITGlobal and the Adobe Youth Voices Program through promo material that we shared with throughout the duration of the event.

IMG_1782 IMG_1918

Alongside the Adobe Youth Voices exhibit there were various artist and art-based activities at the event including musicians, stilt walkers, painters, live performances, and crafters. 


All in all, we were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to have our first outdoor exhibit of the year, giving exposure to our incredibly talented group of young people and all the wonderful pieces that they have created. This will be the first of many summer events to come and we look forward to more opportunities to showcase Adobe Youth Voices. 


A big congratulation goes out to all of the wonderful youth who have contributed their brilliant art pieces to us throughout their participation in the Adobe Youth Voices Program. We hope that all of our youth continue to shine through with their talent and creativity. A big thank you to the Adobe Youth Voices Project Assistant, Elizabeth Lartey, for confidently going out there into the event and informing people about Adobe Youth Voices and encouraging them to learn more about our youth arists and their projects. 

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