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africforum13   africforum13 Afric Forum's TIGblog
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Cambio Climático y desarrollo sostenible, perspectivas de futuro para Africa Occidental.

El 28 de Febrero pasado, la ONG Afric Forum ha organizado una Conferencia con el tema: Cambio Climatico y desarrollo sostenible, perspectivas de futuro para Africa Occidental. A ese encuentro han participado organizaciones de la Diaspora Africana en Bilbao, España.

El Objectivo era explicar a esas organizaciones ek fenomeno del Cambio Climatico y tambien las caracteristicas que hacen de Africa Occidental una de las regiones mas vulnerables al fenemeno.

Por el interest  en temas medio ambientales que levanto el encuentro, Afric Forum esta planeando una formacion de 3 dias para la Diaspora Africana de Bilbao a la occasion del Dia Mundial de la Tierra, celebrado el 22 de Abril de cada año.

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aglanvil   aglanvil aspen's TIGblog
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Global Warming
Related to country: United States

Everyone has known envirnonmetal issues have been around for years, although some people are more skeptical than others, the issues and information have been out there and easy to access. I, myself have been a global warming skpetic...until now. It is December and here in Georgia, where the average high in december is 56 degrees...it has reached almost 70 degrees if not higher for three days now. This is quite uncommon for this time of year and I am now a full believer in global warming because there is no other logical explaination for why randomly, here in Georgia, people are now bringing out the shorts and sandals they recently put away in anticipation for this cold weather. There needs to be more actions taken to prevent this issue, and to help it improve because once our ozone layer is gone...its gone and we are in trouble. There is no making a new one, and if people weren't worried, or didn't believe in it before, they should now. Its happening, and it will continue to until people change how they live their lives. The car and factory pollution is eating away at our atmosphere, and the easiest solution is car pooling and maintaining waste products. Do you guys believe in Global Warming, why or why not? What do you guys think should be done to help this global warming issue?

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marknews   marknews Mark Hendrics Jr.'s TIGblog
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Diabolical climate change

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somosophils   somosophils Man of the Green Meadow's TIGblog
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Green Earth: Stop your Carbon Foorprints - Stop drinking Soda

Soda is one of the contributor of Global Warming so join with us at

Green Earth network


Be one of us, join our cause, and join our campain in focus to stop drinking soda. Green teas or ice teas could be a good replacement for soda

for more information about carbon footprint make friend with us at http://www.hikot.com/index.php?do=/Green/



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oluseunoni   oluseunoni oluseun onigbinde's TIGblog
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Climate and Capitalism

Plant and Animal Spirits
The world is in a frenzy mood to tackle climate change and halt greenhouse emissions. Copenhagen had been flooded with government leaders, climate change negotiators, energy executives, environmentalists and advocates. The world is at a knife edge of history to discuss how we want to save the breath of the next generation. We are looking for an update on the Kyoto protocol and how developed countries and highly emitting countries will set targets to cut global emissions. The world is inching for huge financial aid to the poor developing countries who feel the effects of climate change most. Announcements are to be made to help developing countries to mitigate against the adverse effects of climate change and we understand these are not moments for loud applause and vain oratory, we all demand forthright action.
With green the buzzword on every lip, the world is bracing up for a new revolution that will create jobs, raise fresh entrepreneurs, investment opportunities, ground breaking technology and highly competitive products. The growth of internet and computing in 1990s evolved large companies with huge influence globe. Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, Facebook are the few of leading examples that are products of the glorious era. As talks on cutting carbon emissions intensify, the growth of clean technologies is definitely the next field global ecosystem will interplay. We are bracing up for stellar innovations in materials efficiency, recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency, conservation and so on. Corporate organisations are developing platforms to consider profit, people and the planet.
The atmosphere of incredible possibilities is definitely going to be led to private companies. Capitalism goes to test again as companies with use creativity, innovation and investment opportunities to harness all forms sustainable energy. We all expect to see an astronomical growth in green technology in the nearest future as the market is evolving and consumers more inquisitive about the ‘behind scenes’ of their products. We hope to witness better and economical wind farms, solar power panels, carbon capture storage systems, retrofitting homes, electric vehicles, bio fuel solutions and so on. As we watch the looming dangers of climate change in desertification, droughts, higher temperatures, melting ice, lost homes, are we going to leave the growth of green energy to the wheels of the capitalist engines? Do these executive who see money as their saviour care for the planet?
Capitalism as evangelized by America and its Wall Street managers has led to rapid trade exchange, knowledge transfer and labour mobility and so on. Capitalism has appreciated the ingenuity of innovative thinkers who brought about spectacular solutions to the world. We now understand that when the wheels are driven in a reckless fashion and the toxic fumes are bound exported across borders. A mortgage bubble created multiple effects on the world economy and led to massive loss of monetary value and unemployment. It only validates the overall effect of globalisation and global trade.
The perilous times had been rescued by government (the riled enemy of corporate executives) usually turns out save it from recklessness. We were all afraid the last financial crisis could cripple investment in green technologies even though it has had an effect, we have seen a huge rebound. The question lies in fact are leaving green technology developments to the hunger of capitalist? Or the government needs to step in boldly and smartly understanding the huge social cost of climate change. We understand the crude capitalism had the profit has theonly end in mind. Consumers are gradually understanding on how we need sustainable technologies to save the environment.
Renewable energy has not been cost competitive to fossil fuel. The race to deliver carbon efficient technologies have begun and we believe massive collaboration will drive down costs and enhance quality of green products. This seems like explaining elementary economics whose effect will trickle down to the global populace. But in face of the looming dangers of climate change doesn’t the corporate world see green technology more of social responsibility than profit making schemes or brand enhancement. Don’t we need more cross-fertilization of ideas, knowledge sharing , open source technologies , global technology standards, global scientists and innovators collaboration of idea to accelerate green technologies? Nothing brings more understanding of how national borders are illusions than the fact deforestation in Amazon is melting ice in the Antarctica. We don’t need to revel in protectionism, nationalistic tendencies and complex intellectual property now, when the bell is ticking for change.
Governments have been playing huge roles through carbon credit schemes, carbon financing, Clean Development Mechanism of United Nations, carbon tax and subsidy understanding the social impact of inaction. This has gradually infused the understanding that capitalism without government oversight or their smart input leads the world on path of wreckage. The animal spirits of Wall Street bankers cannot be left tinker solutions with the government standing aloof.
In the race to fight climate change considering the lost swathes of the Sahara, disappearing tuna, rising tidal waves, declining agricultural and steep erosion, we will disappoint the future if the commit green surge to hands of capitalist. Governments around the world need better oversight over the green entrepreneurs. They should not stifling creativity but use antitrust policies effectively. The world needs better collaboration more than ever to save the breath of the unborn. The ingenuity of entrepreneurs in this clime cannot be imagined but we must watch bubbles which emerge after overinvestment and lax regulation as witnessed with dot.com crisis and US mortgage bubble. The world has been clamouring for better corporate governance and financial market complex instruments reform. We need to strengthen the rules of the green market. We need to understand the advocacy of Climate Justice as we ponder, is capitalism on the green movement side? Government needs to tame its animal instincts of greed of capitalism and resurrect its social consciousness to save the future. Let’s keep a vigil at switchboard; the next bubble might be green.
Oluseun Onigbinde is a climate change and green technology advocate. He is currently the Director, Green Acts Nigeria and writes on his blog http://oluseunoni.tigblog.org

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