GYCA is a youth-led global network of more than 8,000 young leaders and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AIDS in 173 countries worldwide.GYCA's mission is to empower young leaders with the skills, knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to scale-up HIV/AIDS interventions amongst their peers.

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*GYCA Joins World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Campaign for Violence Prevention –  Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA)

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) is an informal network of over 40 governmental, non-governmental, international, private organizations, research institutions and universities which aims to implement the recommendations of the WHO World report on violence and health.

VPA participants inform public health approach that targets the risk factors for violence and promotes multi-sectorial cooperation.  VPA supports capacity development particularly in the area of individual and institutional resources, and contributes to setting the global violence prevention research agenda and bridging the gaps between research and violence prevention programming.

GYCA, now a formal participant in the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) will empower young leaders with knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities to engage with the global community in raising awareness about the problem of violence, highlighting the crucial role that public health can play in addressing violence as a cause as well as a consequence of HIV/AIDS among young people and in particular girls and young women.  Through our global network we intend to encourage prevention at every level of society while stimulating a coordinated international response in all our12 regions.

The GYCA Regional Focal Point for East Africa - Ms Yvonne Akoth is the GYCA representative on the Alliance. 

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