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17th ICASA 2013 - Scholarship Application Opened

The ICASA conference remains one of the most important events in the calendar of the year, contributing towards overcoming the HIV and TB epidemics that grip our region. Sub Saharan Africa remains the most affected region with over 22 Million people living with HIV and AIDS and the highest Tuberculosis rates world-wide. Through scientific advancements in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of HIV significant progress has been made to reduce the mortality and morbidity of AIDS. Prevention efforts have been accelerated by the progress in biomedical interventions to reduce HIV transmission.

On the 20th of March 2013, Abstract Submissions was opened, together with scholarship applications and Workshop/Skills Building Applications. For those of us that were present at the 16th ICASA in Addis Ababa, you will agree with me that it was a mind blowing experience where we had privilege to share best practices between ourselves and learning new skills towards HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support. The CrowdOutAIDS offline community forum was also launched during the Addis conference.

For this year's conference, Capetown - South Africa shall be hosting the 17th ICASA and Its advisable that young people submit abstract and or workshop/skills building proposal together with scholarship application as early as you can.

Applications for Abstract, Scholarship, and Workshop/Skills Building closes on the 20th of June 2013. Find the conference and the scholarship application website below this email

Even as GYCA is working with the conference organizers to ensure an increased allocation of scholarships for young people, we are in no way part of decision making for the scholarships thus we encourage you all to put in a good application for the scholarship. 

We would in due course open an abstract review process to ensure that your abstracts meet the required standards.

Follow the links to access the online application system: 

Conference Website: http://www.icasa2013southafrica.org/

Scholarship Application:

Goodluck with your applications.

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