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TIG AYV Portuguese Training

For the past four months, TakingITGlobal has been delivering the Adobe Youth Voices training in Portuguese. The focus with this training has been to expand the AYV program throughout Brazil within our existing networks, more specifically through Centre for Digital Inclusion. For this years program cycle, Centre for Digital Inclusion is delivering AYV through 10 satellite sites with the intent of reaching out to a larger network of youth.

Centre for Digital Inclusion is a not for profit organization that uses technology to fight poverty while stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship amongst young people. For the past year CDI has been working with TakingITGlobal on the AYV program. The goal is to encourage more young people to use the power of technology to raise awareness and work towards addressing issues around poverty. With the introduction of AYV into their current programming, CDI is aiding young people to find their creative path towards success both in the education and work environment. 


To ensure the success of the incoming Portuguese educators, we invited Elaine Cavalheiro, an Alumni Educator with NGO A Pratiquecologia in Brazil, to help in the delivery and facilitation of the online training. Elaine worked along side our TakingITGlobal team to help deepen the educators understanding of Creative Confidence, provide feedback on best practices for delivering a media focused program, effective ways for engaging young people to express themselves through digital media, and webinar delivery. 


Delivering this Portuguese training has been a very rewarding experience for TakingITGlobal and our partners in Brazil. On one hand it has given our Alumni networks to give back to the Adobe Youth Voices community by having educators such as Elaine pass along helpful knowledge, practice, and experience. On the other hand, we have been able to continue expanding our networks across Brazil, allowing us to reach out to a greater number of youth. 


Our goal is to continue these types of initiatives in the upcoming cycles to ensure that we can continue training a larger network of educators who will induce Creative Confidence amongst young people throughout the globe and encourage expression through digital media.

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GECELE Social Action Forum

On November 27th, 2013 our Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) team had the opportunity to exhibit artwork at the Centennial College Social Action Forum. This forum provided AYV with the opportunity to exhibit 20 pieces of art and to College students in Toronto, Canada.


The forum focused on International Volunteer Opportunities for college students to participate in program abroad. These programs involved media, construction, empowerment, and environmental programs.

IMG_2549 IMG_2580

Students attending the conference were extremely passionate about community development. They truly connected with the pieces presented by AYV and the youth artists that were represented at the forum.

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TIG at World Summit Youth Awards

From October 24th to October 26th 2013, Sri Lanka invited the World Summit Youth Award to hold this year’s winners festival in the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the country, Colombo. This year, the Adobe Youth Voices team at TakingITGlobal was proud to be active at this event in two ways. 

The World Summit Youth Award is a unique global initiative that brings together young developers and digital entrepreneurs under 30 years of age who use internet and mobile technology to put the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action and make a difference.


The youth at Shilpa Sayura Foundation, an AYV partner of TakingITGlobal for the past three years, were recognized and rewarded in the category “Pursue Truth”. YES AYV Creative Youth Media Project was launched in 2011 with the support of UNHABITAT and Adobe Youth Voices. Over one hundred under-served youth were trained in digital media creation. Yes AYV has been a telling success, polishing young people’s skills in teamwork, self-expression, interactive dialogue and digital journalism so that they are able to report on issues relevant to their lives. More details about the project can be found here


Moreover, TakingITGlobal had the opportunity to put on a exhibit at the event, showcasing the various artwork from around the world that have been produced by the youth in the program. Our leading educator at Shilpa Sayura Foundation, Niranjan Meegammana represented TakingITGlobal at the event. Niranjan expressed how the event was a great opportunity to illustrate the different ways young people from around the world are addressing the MDG’s through their stories and their artwork. Drawing in audiences from different organizations and initiatives, the WSYA allowed Shilpa Sayura to demonstrate the important role young people are playing in making a difference through their actions, thoughts, and creativity. 


When reflecting back on the event, Niranjan shared some highlights with the TIG team mentioning the theme of Women Empowerment and the various artwork that were illustrative of that was looked upon very enthusiastically by the audience.  


The Adobe Youth Voices Team at TakingITGlobal would like to extend its congratulations to the youth at Shilpa Sayura Foundation for the achievements at the WSYA event, to all the youth participants in the AYV program who have been contributing to worldwide change through their ongoing creativity, and lastly the WSYA event coordinators and Jennifer Corriero for their hard work in ensuring the event would be a success for TIG and our representatives.

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OCIC Global Citizens Forum

On November 7th - 8th, 2013 Adobe Youth Voices was given the opportunity to exhibit artwork at the Global Citizens Forum. This year the main focus of the Forum was on the “State of the World Youth”.



The Forum was kicked of by two keynote speakers, Jennifer Correro from TakingITGlobal and Rite Karakas from Canada World Youth. Both speeches were inspiring and insightful into the ways the Youth can create positive social change.

IMG_6757 IMG_6734

A lot of the discussions at the forum were based on education and using arts as a tool for learning and creating change. Adobe Youth Voices was a perfect representation of how youth can take an art form that they are passionate about and turn it into a educational and career building opportunity.

IMG_6783 IMG_6769

Overall the Global Citizens forum allowed key stakeholder in the International Development Community to view and appreciate the artwork created by youth around the world.


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TIG at the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum

This year I had the opportunity to represent TakingITGlobal and feature Adobe Youth Voices at the UNESCO Youth Forum. The forum took took place between October 29 - 31, 2013 in Paris, France. It brought together 500 young delegates that have called on their member states that attended the 37th General Conference to create autonomous structures in each country to encourage and support youth engagement from now until 2021.


The main theme of the event was “Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development” and delegates also selected 15 Action Projects that received the Youth Forum label, these projects will be put into action by young people from across the world. These projects were submitted by youth organizations from 5 regions of the world and 3 from each region was selected by the young delegates in attendance.


As an observer I spent most of my time hosting the booth assigned to TakingITGlobal in the Market Place. This was a hub for several different organizations from around the world that work to create positive change all with a focus on youth focused programing. The room was filled with excited young participants eager to learn about TakingITGlobal as well as the Adobe Youth Voices project!


I decorated our space with print photos, postcards, and bookmarks created by our youth participants. I also included a beautiful pull out banner that highlighted the work done in previous years as part of our “Perspectives” series. I also included the latest technology by bringing and Ipad which allowed me to showcase all the artwork created my our youth in the past.

IMG_6423 IMG_6521

Every day, young people from all parts of the world would visit the booth and marvel at the Adobe Youth Voices artwork that was displayed. I had countless requests from youth and observers about how they might get involved and I was happy to tell them that we will be looking to recruit new partners and educators to deliver the program in the coming months. It was incredibly energizing to see participants' reactions to the artwork and to have the opportunity to tell them stories about the youth who worked so hard on the photos and images we exhibited. I distributed hundreds of copies of the magazine - some people took handfuls to share with their communities back home! - hundreds of bookmarks, fliers about TIG and the Adobe Youth Voices DVD compilations.

IMG_6553 IMG_6445

The week was a definite success. Besides having the opportunity to share the incredible work of our youth participants, it was an excellent opportunity to connect with many potential partners. The event provided a perfect forum and audience to share the work of our Adobe Youth Voices participants. I look forward to continuing to share the messages expressed through youth media through exciting exhibition opportunities to come!


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Global Dignity Day 2013
Related to country: Canada

October 16th marked the sixth annual Global Dignity Day. Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. TakingITGlobal had the privilege to contribute to the celebrations that took place at Fieldcrest Elementary School in Bradford, Ontario. During the celebration 5 members of TakingITGlobal’s staff facilitated two different amazing stations the Adobe Youth Voices Art Reflection Station and the Social Media Station.




Adobe Youth Voices Art Reflections:

Students who participated in the media art gallery had an opportunity to discuss the way that media pieces created by youth around the world demonstrated instances of dignity. Through discussion, students brought up a variety of topics and engaged in lively discussions about how they see dignity in their communities and the actions they can take to support global dignity. They then had a chance to look at an online media gallery exhibit (http://gg.tigweb.org/tig/ayvgdd/) and to comment on artwork that spoke to them.

Photo 10-16-2013, 12 21 00 PM Photo 10-16-2013, 11 56 51 AM


Social Media Station:

At the Social Media station each youth became and reporter for 15 minutes. They were each given an Ipad and were sent in small groups to report on all the amazing work being done! They were able to post on Instagram images of all the different activities that were taking place such as the Earth Rocks Station where youth got to paint dignity messages on rocks that will later be displayed in the community.



Photo 10-16-2013, 12 24 23 PM Photo 10-16-2013, 12 25 07 PM

The youth also posted messages on Twitter throughout Global Dignity Day, these were messages about what their favourite part of the day was or what they this global dignity day is about. Below are some different messages that the youth tweeted.

#globaldignityday global dignity day is about respecting people and caring

#globaldignity Making dignity superheroes!! pic.twitter.com/iYzHPpPB6c

Sidibay talking to kids about Dignity #GlobalDignity

sidabay.jpg-large 2




Overall Global Dignity Day was an amazing opportunity for us at TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices to celebrate with the youth at Fieldcrest Elementary School!


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Arviat Film Society making their way to the top!

This year TakingITGlobal expanded its Adobe Youth Voices network into Northern Canada. TheNunavut Arctic College and Arviat Film Society are youth focused organization in the Northern Aboriginal communities of Canada. Within just months of joining Adobe Youth Voices, the Arviat Film Society has been going strong working towards making their youths voices heard all around the world. 

Through the Adobe Youth Voices program youth in Arviat are discovering their inner creativity and finding new ways to share their stories and experiences with other youth, educators, and organizations. 


Adobe Youth Voices has the power to create more visibility and exposure for the works and creativity expressed by the youth participants. On top of working on their personal media projects, the young people are working towards setting up a TV Station to further their ability to speak out to the world and share their stories. 



Our team is extremely proud of the confidence the youth at Arviat Film Society have been showing thus far and we look forward to seeing their amazing art pieces in the upcoming months.


This is an eye opening experience for our team as well since this will be the first time we are working with youth from an Aboriginal Community. It is very important to recognize the importance of their voices and creativity in shaping our communities, career spaces, and educational spaces. This is the start of an amazing journey for both TakingITGlobal and the youth of Arviat Film Society. 


Check out the news article recently conducted by Darrell Greer from Northern News on that partnership between TakingITGlobal/Adobe Youth Voices and Arviat Film Society:http://nnsl.com/northern-news-services/stories/papers/oct30_13sofz.html

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TIG Adobe Education Trainers

Congratulations to the following TakingITGlobal Adobe Youth Voices Educators: Daniel Gutierrez, Elaine Cavalheiro, Dennis Martinus, and Cristina Bosio on their Adobe Education Trainer accreditation. The accreditation is awarded to an Adobe Youth Voices Educator who has  maintained high standards within the AYV program by meeting or exceeding a series of requirements. The Adobe Education Trainer goes on to provide training on Adobe tools and solutions to other individuals in the education space. Our team is very proud to see our educators committing to not only the AYV Program as a whole but to enhancing youth education all around the world. 




We encourage all of our educators to take a look at the requirements  the Adobe Youth Voices program looks for in an Adobe Educator Training and find out how you receive your accreditation. 


Professional Development opportunities such as this allow you as educators to bring out the inner creativity amongst the youth you work with in new and innovative ways. It is also a way for you as educators to enhance your understanding of creativity in a way that allows you to deliver a quality media education program on the ground.


We are very proud of the work our educators do in the program on a daily basis and we look forward to seeing greater things as we move forward into the 2014 year.

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Jeanvier Speaks Out

Jeanvier Janga from Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation tells us about his experiences in Adobe Youth Voices and how the creativity scholarship has influenced him to be more driven when it comes to both his academic and career opportunities. Check out some of the things Jeanvier shared with us during his interview:



What has the experience meant for you so far?

The experience has been one of a kind, I have never imagined that I would one of the youth selected to receive the scholarship. 


How has this experience impacted your views towards education?

I am more confident with what I want to do in terms of higher education. It has made me realize that I need to be more responsible and take my education seriously in order to become a professional in my choice of career. I am more focused on the goals I want to achieve and AYV has helped guide me through that process. 


How has this helped you in your educational career?

It can help me in a way to get a step further to doing what I like to do. Being a part of AYV and receiving the creativity scholarship has opened more doors to my future especially in what I am choosing to do in media. I would say it has and continues to take me a step higher on the stairs.


What have your experiences in AYV taught you?

My experiences in AYV have taught me that I as a young person have a voice! I am able to be a person that I want to be, to make a positive change around the world. I have also come to realize that I am capable of making something unique in my own way; that I have to think outside of the box and show what’s going on inside my mind and bring out my creativity. AYV has also taught me that to make the effort in learning new skills that will be beneficial to me later on. It has been an incredible experience so far. Starting from the first lessons of AYV around taking photographs to making short videos, it has all been rewarding and the time and effort has all paid off. 


My experiences have expanded throughout my time in AYV. I wanted to keep going after my first year and eventually I got more involved in the program. I submitted media projects to the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards and following that I decided to join the collaborative project with other countries that are in the program: Uruguay, Egypt and Kenya. We had meetings online and it was so amazing how you could actually be talking/chatting with other youth around the world and collaborating together to make one final media piece. 2013 was a big year for me because I got the opportunity to not only submit media projects to the Aspire Awards again but our teams achievements gave my team members and myself the opportunity to the AYV Summit in San Jose, California.


This experience I would say is one of a kind and I would not be where I am today if I did not have the chance to express myself and show what my talents are. And it’s all thanks to BYOF, TIG and of course AYV!


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Bonaire Youth Speak About Experiences

Our team took some time last week to reach out to the creativity scholarship recipients from Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation to hear about their experiences in the Adobe Youth Voices program and what it means for them to be recipients of this academic opportunity. 

Check out what Angelo Alberto had to say when we interviewed him:



How has the Creativity Scholarship impacted your views towards education?

This Adobe Youth Voices Scholarship has of course broaden my view of education because film schools are so expensive and I was really worried about how I was going to be able to fund my studies. Once I heard that I was receiving the creativity scholarship I was extremely excited because I knew that I would be able to pursue my academic career of choice with financial aid to support me. I am so eager and anxious to start school now and can’t wait to experience it all!


How has the Adobe Youth Voices program helped with your educational career?

The Adobe Youth Voices program has definitely given me that push forward. I am constantly encouraged to keep on going with school and achieve all that I can. AYV has been really helpful in guiding me, especially because I am already attending a media school it has made the experience more rewarding.  The program has really helped with bringing out my interests in media and I’m so happy because of it.


What has your experience in AYV have taught you?

My years of experience in AYV has taught me many skills that are valuable to me both academically and career -wise such as teamwork, how to express myself through media, if I am afraid to express myself out loud I can do so by using different media (video's, graphic designs). I learned how to think more creatively and not just that but do it in a positive way. I love AYV and hope that I can continue my involvement for years to come.


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